Thursday, June 9, 2016

Catching up post: 4/17 Presentation on the Empty Tomb

Ms. Christy (Christy Sharafinski), another one of our terrific catechists, volunteered to give this week's presentation to the children since I was still recuperating from surgery.  Ms. Christy has taken the CGS training in the past and is familiar with the presentation.

Afterwards, the children were invited to work with the empty tomb and peg figures.  You will see their fascination in these photos.   Other children worked with a felt board or a small wood set to retell the story. So much deep, contemplative work on this day!

Working with the Empty Tomb Diorama:

Working with the felt board and other "Empty Tomb" materials

Other work in the atrium:
(Learning how to pin punch -- a great exercise for small motor skills!)

Using the other materials -- Annunciation and Last Supper dioramas:

And even more work!

Walking the Line (while singing "Christ is Light").  We do this as our procession to our prayer corner:

Ms. Mary leading us during Prayer Corner time:

Thank you to all the catechists and junior helpers for making this a wonderful session for the children!

Catching up post: 4/10 Session featuring Flower Arranging

Because I was still recovering from emergency surgery, Alyce Sosnowski, our catechist who is also a Montessori teacher, offered to give a session on flower arranging to the children.  Flower arranging is an important practical skill, but in addition it teaches children how to take care and keep sacred spaces beautiful!  It also happens to be one of the favorite works of the children.  In the atrium where I taught for 8 years, it was a work that the children would choose each week, because they wanted to proudly display their tiny floral arrangements on our prayer table.  They were so proud of their little contribution toward making our prayer table beautiful for Jesus!

Here are a few photos shared by Christy Sharafinski.  I believe her daughter Calista, who is also one of our junior helpers, assisted in taking these photos.  Thank you Christy and Calista!