Saturday, February 27, 2016

Recap from Sunday, February 21, 2016

I'm a bit behind on everything this week--not just the recap of last Sunday's CGS session!  My husband began a year-long field assignment out of state, so I now I'm playing the role of single mom to two very active teens (in other words, lots of chauffeuring to school, sports, dance and other activities).  We're all adjusting not to having husband and dad around the house!  

As usual, I have some photos to share from last week.  We've moved from the "white" season of the feast into the "purple" season of preparation for Easter.  I told the kids that this season is also called "Lent."  We have all new works for them, some which include matching wood letters to spell out the word "Lent" or copying the word "Lent."  

(Photo below) A six year old girl in the class did such a cute thing.  She made this sign for a three  year old girl in the class.  "It's a gift for her," she told me, as she put it down next to the three year old.  The "gift" was made so spontaneously and randomly; I just love the thoughtfulness of these children!

(Photo below).  These two boys proudly display the prayer table they are setting up for our prayer time.  They wanted to be sure that we put the "Lent" sign on the prayer table, along with a photo of little children standing by a mustard tree.  Right before this, they had heard Jesus' parable about the mustard seed, and we discussed how amazing it is that a seed no bigger than a speck of dust can become such a huge tree.    So the boys wanted to include this photo on the prayer table, as a reminder of the amazing things that God can do!

(Photo below) Such a look of intense concentration on her face!
(Photo above)  We introduced some new practical works this week, including ribbon weaving through a wire coated basket.  An activity that helps them build concentration skills.

(Photo below)  Busy at work on sorting purple items and drawing!

(Photo below)  He is so proud of his rainbow drawing!  After each presentation, I always encourage the children to take a little time to draw something we have talked about.

(Photo above)  Learning to spell the word "Lent."  He's matching the wood letters on a card to the wood letters that were in the little box.   He's one of our youngest children, yet spent quite a bit of focused time on this work.


This Sunday (tomorrow, February 28, 2016) I'll give another parable presentation -- The Good Shepherd -- using wood pieces of the Good Shepherd, sheep, and the sheepfold.  I bet you will hear about this on the way home!   

One suggestion, based on the recommendations of Sofia Cavalletti, the Roman Catholic Biblical scholar who created and perfected this program over the past 50+ years:  please do not tell the children that the Good Shepherd represents Jesus.  Let them discover it for themselves.  Some may get it right away; others may take a bit longer.  But the total joy that spreads over their whole being, when they realize this by themselves, is truly marvelous and remarkable! 


I'm revising the schedule of presentations a bit, to better reflect what we can reasonably do during our 50-60 minute class, and also based on the childrens' readiness for some of the presentations that are more lengthy.  For example, I originally planned to do the "City of Jerusalem" presentation recounting Jesus' last few days on earth.  However, it is a longer presentation that has to be handled slowly and carefully, since we're dealing with the subject of Jesus' death.  (A rather scary thing for a young child.)   I want to give them more time to absorb the happiness, comfort and love they will feel as they contemplate the Good Shepherd over the next few weeks.   So we'll hold off that presentation for another year, so we can spend a bit more time thinking about the Good Shepherd.

I'll email you a revised schedule of presentations for your reference, or you can find a copy of it in the "files" section of our Facebook Groups page:

Blessings to all of you, the world's greatest parents!


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