Saturday, October 15, 2016

Recap - 10/16/16 CGS Session

Hi everyone!

Last Sunday we learned "the articles of the Mass", or the items that we see when we look at the sanctuary area of the church.   We learned that the special table that the priest stands by during Mass is called an altar (or altar table), and the cloth on it is called an altar cloth.  We learned that in some parishes, the color of the altar cloth might change when the "church season" changes.  We also focused on the beautiful items we often see on the altar table itself:  candles, chalice and paten.  Then the children had an opportunity to set up the altar table by themselves during individual work time. 
We're starting to learn how to care for our materials and the CGS environment in general.  Here, Ms. Alyce is showing one of our young friends how to polish the brass miniature chalice.


Here are more photos shared by Ms. Christy.  (Thank you, Ms. Christy!)

During the presentation:  learning to identify the beautiful things we see on the altar:

Some shots during individual work time:

and Prayer Corner:

See you all on Sunday!


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