Saturday, June 20, 2015

Are you connected to our Facebook group page?

Did you know that we have a Facebook  page?   It's here:

Please check it out, and "like" us, to stay updated on the progress of our program at SJA!

We also have a group page, which is here:

I originally created the group page to start the discussion about the CGS program at St. Joan of Arc.  However, it is rather limiting, as it does not allow me to schedule posts in advance.  I tend to work on a batch of posts at one time, whenever I have a moment.   Eventually, the "groups" section will be used by catechists and parents exclusively to promote weekly updates in the atrium. 

To ensure you aren't missing anything, please "like" both the Facebook page and the Facebook groups page!

(Sorry, that's a bit confusing.  Sometimes these social media platforms are rather complicated!)

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