Sunday, November 6, 2016

Celebrating All Saints Day in the CGS Atrium - 10/30/16

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We had a wonderful and memorable day in the atrium last Sunday (October 30, 2016).  As you know, we were celebrating All Saints Day.  Several of the children came dressed up as their favorite saints; we had a couple of Marys, St. Clare, St. Joseph, St. George and a Guardian Angel.  Other children brought small props to represent their favorite saints, like a flower for St. Therese, the Little Flower, a chalice type cup to represent Jesus, a stuffed animal to represent St. Francis.  The children had a chance to come to the front of the room and talk about their costume, and we would describe why each person was God's special friend, and how we are all working to be saints someday.

We also sang our own "Litany of the Saints."  This is such a beautiful prayer/chant.  I've been contemplating for years how I could present it to the children in a memorable, interactive way.  Ask, and the Lord gives the answer, right?  I took drawings of many different saints and put them on stake to make a sign.  Each child was given one of the "saint signs" to carry during our procession into the prayer room.  Then the Junior Helpers led us in the Litany of the Saints prayer, and when a saint's name was sung, the person who was holding the sign brought it up to the front of the room and placed in the stand in front of our miniature altar.

The children were amazingly quiet and attentive during the whole time!  Considering it was a long work for them, I knew the Holy Spirit was at work!

Sharing some photos, provided to us by Ms. Christy.  (Thank you!)

Here is a sample of the signs that the children carried

Two of our junior helpers display the Saints signs  
The junior leaders are reading the Litany of the Saints; the children are waiting for their turn

Snack time with the Saints!

What a great day it was!

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